“Oh no – Quick! I need a strawberry!”

“Oh no – Quick! I need a strawberry!” said the chef as he dashed out to the Kitchen garden, quickly seizing the biggest yet ‘petite’ gem  your eyes have ever seen, he gives it a quick sharp tug, then within minutes this organic treasure was washed and served. 


blackberry reuben

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Is there anywhere as beautiful as Somerset, when the winter months have faded and Spring uncloaks and brings us warmth, new life, and longer and lighter days? Here at Maunsel House, we love this time of year.

Once the main source of produce for the Slade family since their arrival in the 17th century, the Maunsel House Kitchen Garden is proud to be following in the footsteps of its ancestors and repeating history. After 15 years of neglect, the garden has been returned to its former glory due to the dedication and passion of the Maunsel House Grounds Team.

If you’ve ever wandered through our grounds, you may have been lucky enough to have stubbled upon our wonderful; secret walled kitchen garden. This is where we harvest all sorts of delicious herbs, fruit and vegetables during the growing season to use in our delicious dishes. In March, the garden, which has been mainly dormant through the winter months, starts to wake up with the promise of unmatchable home-grown deliciousness.


Spring is the time when we plant the seeds of your future dining pleasure. We believe you simply cannot beat the taste of a freshly, hand picked fruit and veg and we’re especially proud of our beauties, including the wonderful varieties of Heritage pumpkins, that grow to be around 4 times the size of any average supermarket pumpkin! 


If you haven’t tasted a Heritage chilli. You simply must. These splendid capsicum have grown from seed that has been passed down generations and are just bursting with flavour and are guaranteed to warm you up in those winter months!

They do require a tad more attention than the modern hybrid varieties, being thin-skinned and delicate, But that’s the joy of Heritage, they’re special and we love ‘em. 

This year we’re planting:

  • Sweet peas, strawberries, pots, lettuce, radish, cabbage, sweet corn, apple trees, pear trees, carrots, runner beans, board beans, wasabi, hops, rhubarb, rasbarries, sprouts, onions and garlic.  
  • More herbs! – We are expanding on our collection of herbs, hoping to increase these dramatically from the 12 assorted we already have to many more! 

And believe us, there’s a lot more where that came from!

Whilst we’re busy planning ahead and planting seeds with young plants ready to use later in the year, we are already picking ingredients such as wild garlic and chicory to add fresh flavours to our dishes. As for our Head Chef, well he simply can’t keep his hands off the Strawberries! 

Of course, not only do we grow our own, but we also use the very best local ingredients available, our most renowned is our selection of home made jams and chutneys. Maunsel House has the wealth of having award winning local suppliers right on its doorstep. 

Come and take a step back in time and get lost in the sheer beauty of the Maunsel House Estate. Sir Benjamin loves to greet and entertain guests who wish to know more about the estate, its past famous residents and the Slade family history. Please give us a call to enquire and arrange a private tour with a bite to eat and a glass of bubbly. We welcome large groups and encourage you to soak up the tranquility of the estate and the beautiful Somerset countryside.

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