The Reception Rooms

Reception Rooms

Reception Rooms

At Maunsel House

As you enter Maunsel House through the Victorian vine covered porch, the first room that you come to is our Twelfth century hall, resplendent with ancestral treasures including the Slade family coat of arms. Look above you and see the magnificent Tudor ceiling complete with a stunning brass chandelier. A wonderful setting to receive your guests, enjoy playing Lord and Lady of the Manor whilst our staff serve champagne and canapés to all who walk through the door before Wandering throughout the splendourous manor house and grounds.

The Bar

This is the oldest part of the house and dates back to pre 1066 and the medieval period, it is full of character and charm. The bar serves as an ideal breakout room and is the perfect place to host refreshments on arrival and throughout the day.

Take a Look Around

The ground floor boasts of 2 magnificent rooms; The Ballroom and Dining Room. You will also find the characterful Bar and Library – look out for the bear!

You will find over 85 antique decommissioned guns in the bar, they are on the ceilings, walls, in the windows and around the bar itself! We do encourage party goers to grab a gun, don a hat and strike a pose!

Here are some of the favourites...

  • AK47 assault rifle
  • 1928 Thompson sub-machinegun
  • FN Herstal FN49 SAFN semi automatic rifle, made in Belgium in 1949
  • Romtechnica 7.62mm-bore assault rifle made in Romania in 1941
  • MG34 Machine Gun – made in Germany
  • BREN Ingtis 1943 ASR, machinegun mark II, made in Canada 1941
  • Walther semi-automatic pistol made Germany
  • Hege Waffen AP 66 semi-automatic made in Germany
  • Hotchkiss Mod light machinegun, made in France, 1926

The Ball Room

The Regency style Ballroom is the largest of the reception rooms and is able to seat up to 75 people. It is full of natural light and views over the grounds.

The Dining Room

This is an elegant Georgian style room perfect for wedding receptions and creates a sense of grandeur and occasion. For smaller wedding breakfasts the Dining Room can accommodate up to 26.

The Library

Sit in the Victorian Gothic splendour of the Library, with its magnificent stone fireplace creating a real focal point, especially when lit. An ideal place for meetings or to relax and enjoy a break.

The library is protected by ‘Bertie Bear’ our Taxidermy bear. If he could talk, you’d blush from ear to ear because this bear has seen things! Not only is he the focus of many a selfie he has found himself in the bridal bed on more than one occasion!

Dotted around the house you will find a variety of hats, the majority of the 200 and growing collection can be found in the Library. So… grab a hat, hit that dance floor and show us some moves like Jagger!

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