Happy Anniversary Gillian and Travis!

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We can hardly believe that a whole year has gone by since we celebrated the lovely wedding of Gillian and Travis here at Maunsel House. Today – July 19th – marks the day of the beautiful couple’s first wedding anniversary, and we thought we would revisit some memories from their wedding. We loved getting to know this couple and their special story.

Travis a clever man, single-handedly arranging an elaborate proposal that truly impressed us all (and we hear a lot of proposal stories!) and here it is: On the night of Gillian’s birthday, he whisked her away from their son for a romantic overnight getaway. Gillian was completely unsuspecting, and Travis kept the whole plan under wraps until after dinner. After an amazing night together, they arrived at the bed and breakfast for their night’s stay. Travis let Gillian flip through the Guardian G2 he had been carrying around in his bag, when Gillian found the crossword puzzle on the back and started working out the answers. Unbeknownst to her, this was no ordinary puzzle. Travis, the brilliant man that he is, had prepared a secret – he had created a special crossword puzzle and had it printed on newsprint so that it looked like part of a newspaper page (you may not be aware but newsprint can’t just be printed from your typical InkJet – you have to go to an actual printing press to pull something like this off). After Gillian had solved the puzzle – still unaware of what was about to happen – Travis pointed out the ‘bonus’ question underneath, the answer to which called out the specific words: “Will you become my trouble and strife?” Before Gillian could even look up, Travis was on bended knee – presenting her with her engagement ring.

Gillian has since told us how floored she was by the brilliance of Travis’s proposal. After all, they were already completely committed to each other at that point and even had their first son together. It was so sweet how Travis tried so hard to impress even though he already knew that Gillian was undoubtedly in love with him forever.

With the proposal joyously accepted, so began the whirlwind of wedding planning. Finding the perfect wedding dress is a lengthy saga for many women, but Gillian was astoundingly lucky that the first dress she tried on was ‘the one’. She selected a stunning Cymbeline dress with a removable underskirt so that it could transform into a high-low style after the ceremony. While beautiful, the practicality of the gown was most important to her so that she could be free to dance, run, and play with the kids.

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Travis wore a grey three-piece suit and purple tie. Only he and Gillian knew that he had inscribed the words “I DO” in the sole of his shoes!

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Having spent most of the pre-ceremony day getting ready with her bridesmaids in the exquisite bridal suite of Maunsel House, Gillian was unaware of all the guests that had arrived until the moment she walked down the aisle. Afterwards, she told Wedding Ideas magazine that her best memory from the day was walking into the ceremony room and being overwhelmed by the presence of everyone who had come from far and wide to be there for her. Along with first seeing her soon-to-be husband grinning from ear to ear at the end of the aisle, of course!

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The wedding was an absolute dream: Their guests created the perfect combination of sentimentality, laughter, emotion, and joy. The bride looked glowing in her ethereal dress. And the setting was perfect – the wedding was like a fairytale amongst the historic charm and elaborate beauty of Maunsel House.

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Gillian and Travis chose to adorn venue with jewel-toned flowers, which perfectly matched the royal blue peacocks that wander the Maunsel House estate.

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Gillian hand-made beautiful glass jars to be placed around the table, sprinkled with flowers. Near the main house, they had set up teepees and bell tents for guests who could not fit into the main house and surrounding cottages for the night. As Gillian recalls, the sight of the tents added a special touch to the day.


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And we simply cannot write about this wedding without showing a photo of the spectacular gold-lined cake:

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The evening entertainment consisted of a fantastic live band and a surprise from one of the best men: he put together all of the couple’s friends and family who play instruments and had them perform a set of songs. But the true masterstroke of the party was the silent disco after midnight, where all guests wore a set of wireless headphones and danced the night away while singing together.

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As for the honeymoon, Gillian and Travis made the fantastic choice to jet off to Indonesia. Being an adventurous couple, they wanted a destination where they could go scuba diving. Their days consisted of a diving, swimming, reading and sleeping – could you think of a more relaxing way to spend your first few weeks as newlyweds?

Happy Anniversary, Gillian and Travis. Thank you for spending your special day at Maunsel House!

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